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Dr. Williams

Her path to success was not a straight one, but made her a subject matter expert (SME) in topics that may be useful to you

From the Caribbean, to the United States Military & actively practicing oncology medicine, she has much to share

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CM "Queen"  Williams, M.D. 

Radiation Oncologist, LTC (Ret)

Dr. Williams immigrated from the Caribbean after graduating high school. She initially enlisted in the military, did a stint at the military academy preparatory school, but opted for Green-to-Gold/ROTC and Track scholarships to attend Rutgers University @ NB. Trained in Radiation at Northwestern in Chicago, she honed and sharpened her skills fighting the battle of cancer at the world renown Walter Reeds (both in Washington, DC and Bethesda, MD.) Pull up a chair - be ready to learn a lot from her. Read more HERE

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